This is just a crazy mass of crystals upon crystals with some good sized pyrite formations included in the cluster.  Love, love, love this one!  Approximately 65.3x56.6x29.7mm (2.6"x2.2"x1.2") measured at the widest points and 3.8 oz  (107.7 grams). 
This is one of the best choices for protection against negative influences.  By carrying or keeping this crystal in your home or office you will feel an overwhelming feeling of protection, not only on the physical level, but all levels.  It also protects you from negative environmental issues such as pollution.  If your job requires you to be around harmful chemicals and/or pollutants, if your job involves some sort of danger be sure to carry this stone with you to work.  Some say that pyrite included quartz will allow you to see deeply within someone with whom you are close, it dissolves the facade that so many of us display in our everyday lives. On the physical level, this combination is said to assist in the prevention of DNA damage and works to repair any damage that may have manifested in your system.

Quartz Crystals Cluster with Pyrite

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