42mm (1.7") diameter, 4.1 oz (116.2 gr)

A lot of confusion surrounds the name of this stone. Merlinite is actually a made-up name for Dendritic Opal. Sometimes the name is also applied to Dendritic Agate, Indigo Gabbro, and other times to the druzy form of a black mineral called Psilomelane.
Some sources say that Merlinite is a stone of magic, conjuring the memories of wizards and alchemists. It is said to blend heavenly and earthly vibrations, allowing one access to multiple realms. It can be used to access the akashic records, to draw upon the powers of the elements, to enhance shamanic practices, and to bring magic into one's life.
Merlinite has been used in the treatment of skeletal structures and disorders of the veins and arteries. It is also said to promote physical growth and to facilitate the flow of blood through the body. It is a cleansing mineral for the body and one which can enhance lymph flow and excretion. It also helps with both the effects of colds and the effects of smoking too.
Merlinite can help us to remain both open and approachable even though we may have suffered from bad experiences ourselves. It promotes better contact with our environment and with our fellow human beings too. Merlinite can also enhance our organizational capabilities.
Merlinite both promotes our levels of contact with spirit and also aids our own spiritual growth. It is a stone of magic, reminding us of the memories of wizards and alchemists. It's black and white coloring is said to blend heavenly and earthly vibrations together allowing us access to the spirit and shamanic realms and to the Akashic Records too. Merlinite lets us bring magic into our lives.

Merlinite Sphere - Indigo Gabbro, Dendritic Opal

  • Wizard Stone, Alchemist Stone