Natural picasso jasper with accent bead and 6" ball chain attached.  Your choice!
#1 - 43.5x32.0x8mm (1.7"x1.3"x0.3") 18x13mm fire agate accent bead
#2 - 49.6x35.0x6mm (2"x1.4"x0.2") 17x14mm agate accent bead
Picasso Jasper is known for it's streaks of bold colors for an abstract look reminiscent of the late painter, Picasso. Originating from the chalcedony/quartz family, Picasso Jasper is a stone with beautiful contrast. It is commonly found in black or grey with streaks of black, grey, and sometimes red. Metaphysically, it is used to release creativity blocks, awaken spirit. and has strong calming and qualities. It is known to aid in building relationships and self-discipline, while some say it also promotes weight loss. In astrology, Picasso Jasper is the birthstone of Leo.  AKA Picasso Marble, Spider Lace Jasper/Agate. Mohs Hardness 7

Lovely Picasso Jasper Fan or Lamp Chain Pull

  • Creativity, Calming