A beautiful pink tourmaline specimen. 4.9 oz (138.9 gr)A beautiful pink tourmaline specimen. 

You need rubellite in your life because it brings energies of strength and vitality.  When you lead a very busy life and people rely on you for almost everything you will get zapped of energy.  Having a piece of rubellite in your pocket will give you that much needed boost of energy.  It will also give you an unlimited supply enthusiasm, inspiration, and drive.  You will discover your passion for different things and you will strengthen your commitment to live your best life.  This stone will help increase the flow of your life force energies.  You will feel your absolute best and you will feel like you can achieve just about anything.  This stone will help increase your desire to live, and it will foster inspired living and interaction with other people.

Pink Tourmaline - Rubellite

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