Measurements are approximate: 51x28x26mm (2.0"x1.1"x1.0")  2.7 oz (76.5 gr)

Montana agate can be found along the entire length of the Yellowstone River.  The beauty of this is that they cannot be claimed, mined and dug out by a few enterprises but will be available, in smaller numbers, to the public and collectors for many years to come. This agate could perhaps be called Yellowstone Agate. 
It's probably safe to say that all Montana agate has been transported many miles from its original location. The transport process has tumbled the agates along the streambed, and weak or cracked rocks have either fallen apart or else the cracks have been “healed” by exposure to the silica-rich waters of the Yellowstone River.
One of the most attractive features of Montana agate is the colored inclusions, which are made up of minerals. These inclusions form when mineral-laden water is “wicked” into the rock through cracks or fractures and the mineral content of the water is deposited within the rock.  Some of the most beautiful Montana agates contain dendrites, or tree-like plumes of mineral inclusions.
Agate is said to have mystical powers to guard against danger, cure insomnia, ensure pleasant dreams and enable you to see the world with greater clarity.  Agate is also said to increase concentration and promote good fortune.  One legend tells of how a person who looks upon an agate is obligated to be truthful.  Another tells of Agate ending bad luck, enhancing strength and creativity.
Metaphysical benefits of agate are portrayed as:  protection from falling, balancing the yin and yang, calming, increasing good fortune, removing negative energy, keeping one in touch with reality, and incorporating one's life purpose and spirituality into everyday action.

Montana Agate Palm or Pocket Stone

  • Montana Moss Agate, Dendritic Agate, Yellowstone Agate, Balancing, Guardian Stone