This is a beautiful formation of apophyllite and stilbite.
Measured at widest points, 126x83x42mm (5"x3.3"x1.7"), 12.9 oz (365.7 grams).
Apophyllite clusters with stilbite are naturally formed shapes that grow from a common base and emit energy in all directions. 
Apophyllite stones have a high vibration that will raise your spirits, and spiritually energize your being.  Great for grids, energy work and meditation.  They have an excellent ability to transmit their energy, and are uplifting to simply keep in the room with you.  This may give you relief from stress, tension and anxiety. Use a group of them to grid your home, so you can feel better all the time.
Stilbite is often used for psychic guidance and creativity.  Carrying a fine, loving vibration, stilbite is said to help with all kinds of metaphysical endeavors, and especially with spiritual travel.  It is known that people often lose all or some of their memories of spiritual or other metaphysical experiences due to the fact that, to facilitate such experiences, usually a deeper meditative state, such as beta or theta, is necessary. 
Stilbite is believed to aid in remembering those experiences.  Just holding one of these gentle stilbite clusters reminds you that you are loved and cared for regardless of your circumstances.  Some say stilbite raises one's consciousness of universal love.

Collectors Specimen Cubic Apophyllite Crystal Cluster with Stilbite

  • Energizing Crystal