Naturally awesome abalone shell, 65x37x17mm with an 11mm ruby in fuschite accent bead.  6" silver ball chain attached.
Abalone shell is a colorful shell that incorporates the beautiful colors of the sea.  Like other sources of vibrational healing from nature, abalone shells have a strong elemental bond with the earth and it’s healing capabilities. Abalone is closely connected to that of the water element and the vibrations of love, beauty, gentleness, caring, compassion and peace.
Abalone shell has been used in jewelry making and religious spiritual ceremonies for countless ages. It is also known as “the Sea Ears” because of it’s flattened, oval shape with iridescent interior. It was used by native Northwest American Indians for cleansing, offerings and prayers. Usually abalone is found off the coasts of South America, Japan and China.
On an intuitive level, abalone helps to stimulate psychic development and intuition while promoting the power of imagination. It has a soothing vibration that can help calm emotions during deep healing and will emotionally support the growth of self.
Abalone will help with anxiety and stress related issues in high strung individuals. It will also help with relief with arthritis, joint disorders, muscular problems, the heart and the digestive system. It is very helpful for athletes that would like to help build and protect healthy muscle tissue while strengthening the heart muscles!

Abalone Shell Fan or Lamp Pull

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