How this came to be ...

We both have a lifelong habit of collecting various interesting rocks and minerals in our travels.  The business evolved from our friendship and mutual obsession with rocks, gems, minerals, and other natural "finds." 

Five years ago we opened shops that have been successful on Etsy and Bonanza.  This website is an outgrowth of that experience with our primary goal of bringing you the best material we can find at the most reasonable prices. 


We appreciate all of our customers and visitors and hope

you will stay tuned as we continue to evolve and grow!

Sally & Colleen

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Some suggestions ...

Please view all photos and read the entire listing description to get a good understanding of the item(s) you are purchasing.  Measurements and weights may vary slightly due to the direction and exact place on the item(s) we may try and measure.  We try to highlight damage or natural imperfections in our photos to the best of our ability, but if you are concerned about damages or imperfections it is your responsibility to contact us prior to purchasing.  We do our best to correctly present colors in the photos we use.  Please note monitors and cellphone screens may present colors differently. 

Please use care and caution when opening and unpacking your order. Some of our items are small and/or fragile so we recommend unpacking on a flat, clean surface or somewhere where you do not need to worry about your new pieces being damaged. Please be sure to check all packing material before disposing of it.

Use of our photos for the purpose of reselling the item(s) is not permitted.  You, as a buyer, are responsible to thoroughly read and understand our listing descriptions and shop policies.  By ordering from our shop you are agreeing to comply with all of our policies.

Did you know ...


Ocean Jasper is a variety is silicified rhyolite flow from off the northwest coast of Madagascar. The mining area stretched for about 120 miles on the remote and rugged western coastline. Ocean Jasper can only be seen and collected at low tide. The area has no road, so the material must be transported to civilization by boat. The original mine is now exhausted and mined-out. A second mine was found and that too, is now mined out.

Ocean Jasper was first written about in 1922 and then the location was actually lost for almost 80 years! It was named for its location as well as its resemblance to the foam of the ocean as it recedes back into the ocean, with its wavy patterns

of green-gray, white, cream, beige, brown, blue, pink and maroon. 

Occasionally this gemstone material will have translucent areas,

or beautiful pockets of natural green or white crystals.

Ocean Jasper is believed to teach responsibility and patience, as

well as aid in regulating breathing for meditation. It is a stone of

joy and high spirits and may be beneficial to those who suffer

from depression.